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Interview to Benedict Campbell, director of 'For the love of mud'


Bernat Manzano | 27 Dec 2014

Interview to Benedict Campbell, director of 'For the love of mud'

Interview to Benedict Campbell, director of 'For the love of mud'


After a little more than a year social networks have been making noises about “For the Love of Mud”, a documentary about the world of cyclocross. A few days before the launch on 9th January, we talk with the director, Benedict Campbell, also a photographer and 3D artist, from the UK. In spite of not being known by the wider public, he is one of the most popular documentary directors on communities like Vimeo in the last few years, producing videos that have become viral phenomenons. From his home in Oxford, UK, he gave us an interview, while finishing the last days of filming and, then immersing himself in editing the documentary. In the meantime, we can enjoy this preview as a teaser of the coming documentary.


As a multidisciplinary artist, which is your favourite medium?

My heart has always been in photography, but I have always been a lover of filmmaking and the beauty of editing.  It is important to me to engage in multidisciplines to revitalize my creativity in each medium.  

Where does your passion for 2 wheeled vehicles come from?

It comes from the childhood fascination of freedom. I discovered you through the documentary "The Wall of Death". Was this your first viral success? And why do you think it got so much attention? My first viral success was "Cafe Cowboy".  Both films are designed with depth, e.g. they are more about the emotional connections made from the viewer, than the love of motorcycles necessarily.

When and why you decided to start filming "For the love of Mud"?

Started filming end of the summer 2013. Basically I had an itch to make another documentary and I always wanted to make a film about cyclo-cross, because it is unknown to many people, even in the world of cycling.

Is there any company or private supporting the film or you keep it as a personal project?

I decided from the very beginning to avoid any kind of sponsorship, to be unbiased and have total creative control.

What can we expect to see?

The film has many chapters, encompassing all aspects: like the history of the sport, the bikes and the draw of Belgium and much more. It is really to promote the sport and fuel the love, for one of the friendliest forms of bike racing.

Is there anything you've learnt filming "For the Love of Mud"?

Many things, in particular the history of cyclo-cross, because the sport is full of inspirational and fantastic people, past and present.

Can you advance us your favorite sequence of the film?

Impossible, every sequence is special in its own way, it's like asking me which is my favourite child!


* Images courtesy of Benedict Campbell

** thanks to Ian S. Walton for helping us with the translation.